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Alexandrian catacombs: A look into Hellenistic past
CAIRO – 13 March 2018: Luxor and Aswan are known for ancient Egyptians tombs and temples, some of which are almost as colorful as they once were. However, Egypt’s north, Alexandria to be exact,...
[Egypt Today] 16/03/2018
Celebrating Luxor as Arab capital for arts ends Thursday
CAIRO – 14 March 2018: Closing ceremonies celebrating Luxor becoming the Arab capital for arts, will be held under the supervision of Culture Minister Inas Abdel Dayem and Luxor’s Governor Mohamed...
[Egypt Today] 14/03/2018
Festival is gate to enhance relations between Egypt, African countries: Azza al-Husseiny
Daily News Egypt say down with Azza al-Husseiny, Luxor African Film Festival executive director, to discuss the latest features of the festival. What will be the special features in this edition of...
[Daily News Egypt] 13/03/2018
Artists should manage film festivals, not government employees: Sayed Fouad
Diversity, increase of cultural events, state-sponsored or private, is always beneficial for society, says Luxor African Film Festival president The post Artists should manage film festivals, not...
[Daily News Egypt] 13/03/2018
Why Luxor was chosen to be the capital of arts and culture?
CAIRO – 11 March 2018: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi approved Luxor becoming the capital of arts and culture. From March 15 to March 18 arts and culture in Luxor will be celebrated, according to a...
[Egypt Today] 12/03/2018
Luxor :The new Arab capital for arts
CAIRO- 11 March 2017: Egyptian president Abdel Fatah al-Sisi approves that Luxor becomes the capital of arts and culture during a period running from March 15 to March 18, according to a released...
[Egypt Today] 11/03/2018
Interior Ministry approves new reshuffle
CAIRO – 10 March 2018: Minister of Interior Magdy Abdel Ghaffar appointed Major General Tarek Allam as director of security for the Luxor governorate, replacing Major General Mustafa Salah Eddin. ...
[Egypt Today] 10/03/2018
Luxor African Film Festival: Cinema for a better tomorrow
The Luxor African Film Festival is an annual celebration of films, art, and criticism, while keeping a close eye on African cinema and its different contemporary issues. The festival has been building...
[Daily News Egypt] 28/02/2018
'Egypt Can 3' reflects keenness of Egyptian scholars abroad to be linked to homeland
LUXOR - 27 February 2018: Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram asserted that the success of the activities of "Egypt Can 3" conference reflected the keenness of Egyptian experts and scholars abroad...
[Egypt Today] 27/02/2018
Mohamed Mounir to perform at Karnak Temple
CAIRO – 26 February 2018: Mohamed Mounir is set to perform at the Karnak Temple on March 18 as part of a ceremony celebrating Luxor being the Arab Cultural Capital for the year 2017, before handing...
[Egypt Today] 27/02/2018
Danny Glover in Egypt for fourth time
CAIRO – 26 February 2018: Well-known Hollywood star Danny Glover is visiting Egypt for the fourth time, prior to the events of the Cairo International Women’s Film Festival that will take place in...
[Egypt Today] 27/02/2018
Egypt's 1st 'On Board Computer' sees daylight
LUXOR - 26 February 2018: Senior architect at the Architecture Design Center in Japan's Hitachi Ltd. Mohamed Mahmoud Ibrahim announced that Egypt managed to manufacture its first "On Board Computer". ...
[Egypt Today] 26/02/2018

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